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  1. Claire Divas


    Hope you’re doing well!

    We specialize in providing customized Data base as per your target market criteria. I hope our Home Improvement Industry Leads can help you to Boost up your sales with our verified Direct Contact numbers and email contacts you can reach your Active Clients and increase your sales.

    So, would you be interested in connecting with Active Decision makers?


    • Decision makers
    • Presidents/VPs
    • Homeowners/ Managing Directors
    • Promotions/Procurement Directors
    • General/Sales/Purchase Managers
    • Business Development Manager
    • Marketing Executives
    • Financial Lending/Compliance Officer
    • Engineers/ Architects
    • Landscape Architects
    • Replacement Contractors
    • General Contractors
    • Builders / Contractors
    • Residential/Interior/ Garden Designers
    • Urban Designers/ Landscapers
    • Residential Remodelers
    • Developers/Renovators
    • Gardeners/Florists
    • Mortgage/Sr. Loan Consultants
    • CPA/Mortgage Advisors
    • Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers
    • Mortgage/Insurance Specialists
    • Lenders/Attorneys/Realtors
    • Real Estate Professionals
    • Home Improvement Professionals
    • Home Buyers/Technical Experts
    • Others allied to this field


    • Manufacturers
    • Wholesalers/Dealers/Distributors
    • Decorator Exporters
    • Importers/Exporters
    • Landscaping Companies & Suppliers
    • Home Improvements Centers
    • Garden Centers/Legal Services
    • Department /Specialty Stores
    • Retailers of Outdoor Living Products
    • Others

    Please fill in your exact Target criteria in the below mentioned format, so that I can run counts and get back to you with samples and benefits for your review.

    Target Titles: _________ Target Industry: ______________ Target Geography: _____________

    We have complete contacts details and verified e-mail address across all industry.

    List suitable for: Direct Mailing, Email Marketing, Tele Marketing and Fax Marketing.

    Our list includes: Name, Titles, Company Name, Permission Based E-mail address, Contact number, Address and many more.

    Guarantee: We guarantee up to 90% on our lists. If anything does not meet our guarantee agreement, we’d replace with fresh records and complete Ownership of list.

    Look forward to your response. Thank you so much for reading my email even in your busy schedule.

    Claire Divas
    Marketing Executive
    Business to Business | E-mail and Data Appending Services| USA/UK
    2720A California Street, Torrance, CA 98503| United States
    If you no longer wish to hear from us, please reply me with the subject line: “leave Out”.


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