MIKE S. from Fallbrook, CA


We ran into this company at the Fallbrook avocado festival.  Their security screens are unique and built very well.  We ordered 2 doors and they also installed an existing door we had for a third door.  They were on time and did a fantastic job installing all three doors.  They look great and our highly functional security screens as compared to tradition screens that are more like doors with small holes in them.  They are sturdy, with great visibility and airflow, while providing a strong door for additional security .  Great experience and quality product!




JEFF A. from Santee, CA


What can I say but wow!  Dan Savage came out to my house and measured everything for a new screen door. The screen was a bit delayed because of the holidays but Mr. Savage was extremely apologetic. Mr. Savage did the install and I was a 100% satisfied. The screen is absolutely a tank but operates like a smooth Cadillac!  The product and service exceeded my expectations. Have already gotten a lot of compliments from the neighbors. Will be recommending them to friends and family for sure. Thanks again.




D B from Imperial Beach, CA


We found out about The Screen Machine after seeing some videos online and I noticed they would be at the Bonita, CA Chili Cook Off so we went to see the product. They had a trailer with some good examples and a few brochures to look at. After considering both products we decided to purchase a Lifestyle Garage Screen Door and TigerWire Security Door. The sales people are very busy and you can tell, don’t have a lot of time to discuss the product over the phone if you have the time to catch their display at an event or visit their business I would recommend doing that as it is the best way to get a real sense of the quality of these products and to understand why they can’t come out and give a free estimate and demonstration of these products. Every item is custom made so getting an accurate measurement is vital and unlike most products, the custom order takes some time to manufacture. We were given an approximate wait time of a month for production. We waited a little over a month and called the salesman to inquire about when our items would be ready. The owner called us back and said we should be expecting them to be completed soon and after a couple more weeks we had our doors. The quality has been great and even after having some initial installation issues the owner came back the same day to correct some of the problems involved with this custom installation. Overall a great product and great experience. Patience is key in any custom product and if you expect to be catered to and pampered for buying a custom item this is not the route for you. But if you can wait the necessary time to have these made and not be worried when it takes longer or requires more effort than most normal purchases, I think you will be happy with the end result as we were.

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