Have you heard all the buzz about the Lifestyle Garage Screen but not exactly sure what it is?

These days, more and more homeowners are turning to their garages to find additional space in their existing homes. Then again the garage is usually the biggest room in the house. The Lifestyle garage screen system allows homeowners to do just that! The Lifestyle is a fully retractable, spring loaded system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door. Going from garage to an airy, pest–free space is a snap and takes just seconds. When you are done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract the Lifestyle and put your garage door down as usual. It’s that easy!

There’s nothing better than being able to let fresh air in, while keeping the bugs out while you work on your car, catch the latest game on TV, or let your kids and pets burn off some steam in your garage living space! Typically your garage is the largest “room” in your house and in this day and age, it’s used for so many more things other than parking your car.

Lifestyle Garage Screen

Still have questions about the Lifestyle Garage Screen?

1. Does the Lifestyle garage screen replace my existing garage door?
No. You will still use your garage door as you normally would. The Lifestyle garage screen system works in conjunction with your existing garage door allowing you to quickly switch between your garage door and your Lifestyle garage screen system. When in use, the Lifestyle garage screen exchanges positions with your garage door.

2. Does the Lifestyle Garage Screen interfere with the operation of my primary garage door?
No. The Lifestyle Garage Screen system retracts to store under your existing garage door. The  Lifestyle Garage Screen has no effect on the operation of your primary garage door.

3. Does the garage screen system work with wind loaded doors?
Yes, the Lifestyle system works with all wind loaded and hurricane reinforced doors. However, if your garage door is reinforced with 6″ C-channels, you should discuss the changes necessary with your installer.

4. Can you add a locking mechanism to the retractable door?
Yes, the retractable door can be fitted with a locking mechanism at an additional cost. Locking mechanisms are optional.

5. Can different types of screen material be used?
Yes, the Lifestyle Garage Screen  system can use practically any type of screen material. The standard screens are charcoal fiberglass mesh or PVC coated polyester Super Screen in white or black.

6. What is the  Lifestyle Garage Screen’s frame material made of?
The frame of Lifestyle Garage Screen is made of high quality extruded aluminum.

7. I have storage over my garage doors now. Can the Lifestyle garage screen and my garage door go down so I can access it

Yes, you will want to open your garage door, roll your Lifestyle garage screen down until it touches the floor, leaving it “kicked back” from the jamb. Then simply disconnect your garage door from the opener with the safety disconnect cord and gently roll the garage door down until it rests on the Lifestyle frame.

8. How much clearance will I lose from my existing garage door opening height when the Lifestyle is installed?
Typically, you will not lose more than 1.75″ of clearance.

9. Will the LifestyleScreen work on a low headroom garage door (double horizontal track system)? 
The Lifestyle screen will not work on low headroom applications. Low headroom garage doors are typically found in basement garages. They are typically identified by two tracks on the horizontal. Overhead Door Company of Olmsted County can verify this for you.

10. How much does the Lifestyle garage screen system cost?

Contact The Screen Machine at 619-435-5213 or fill out the form to the right for a quote.

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  1. Sharon

    This is the perfect solution to my hot garage! I had it installed and I am the envy of all my neighbors! Great Product!

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